Saturday, August 06, 2005

Steele A Fan

I slept much of rainy yesterday, highlighted nevertheless by shrimp night at the UT Club with AB and a new episode of "Monk." Finished reading Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie by DL (Dutton, 2005), which I'm ga-ga over and will soon blog up on cynsations. Also heard from D S-B, author of The History of Counting (Morrow, 1999), for the first time in a long time and hope to get together with her next month.

Today's highlights included breakfast at Katz's, a shopping expedition to Lowe's (we may someday replace the dripping master bathtub faucet), the Aboretum, the antique mall on Burnett (I have my eye on this rotating barrister bookshelf, but it's $2,500--ouch!), and the DVD store (where I bought season one of "Remington Steele").

With the exception of "Monk" and (cough) "Desperate Housewives," I'm temporarily giving up on television because there is so little good writing.* Yes, I have heard about the wonder that is "Veronica Mars," but at this point, I've missed so much that I'd rather wait for the DVDs and enjoy the whole, unfettered experience much like I have with "Six Feet Under."

*this is not a slam on TV writers; it's a slam on "reality" TV.

Spooky News & Links

Thanks to G, for adding links to the sidebars of my cynsations and spookycyn blogs. G's latest book, Tofu and T. rex was released in July 2005 along with the paperback of his debut novel, Ninjas, Piranhas, and Galileo.