Wednesday, August 31, 2005

My Stunning Popularity Pales Next To Crickets

In the past week, I've (suddenly!) received multiple speaking queries for fall 2007.

Fall 2007!

Multiple queries!

When did I become so popular? Beats me.

Anyway, after a moment O panic, it occured to me that now, today was the time to adopt the SC event organization method.

It's very sophisticated. You staple together every piece of correspondence on each event and then stack them recent to distant, top to bottom, beside your desk. I know, I know, and yet...

I've been doing this five years, and I still needed SC (who granted was, like, Michigan Librarian of the Year before/while she became a famous author) to explain this to me.

Nevertheless, I feel better now.

Also, had dinner yesterday with AB, who now is SO cool/sweet that she gets phone messages from Crickets!