Tuesday, August 23, 2005

There's a Lizard In My Bathtub!

"Don't say the old lady screamed . . . bring her on and let her scream."
--Mark Twain (on "show, don't tell")

Yesterday a surprise came in the mail: a thank you gift of Southwestern Corn Chowder from WF Royal KGL AKA Victoria, Empress of Germany.

I had another surprise, too. There was a teeny gecko in my bathtub. It looked bigger at first glance. I, um, screamed, which wasn't even slightly manly, then felt really guilty for scaring the wee thing, took it outside in a cup, and finally gave it water and a couple of long grass strands.

I'm hoping it is happily relocated.

For my efforts, though, I got two bug bites. One on my right hand and one on my neck (my neck, vampire insect!). Mother Nature owes me some serious karma.

Beyond that, I was all about reading my VC students' packages. Two down, three to go. Fascinating! And I read Thou Shall Not Dump The Skater Dude (And Other Commandments I Have Broken) by Rosemary Graham (Viking, 2005); more on that to come at cynsations!

Spooky Links

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