Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Errand Girl

Spent all of today on to-dos. Hit Daya for mani-pedi (gold shimmer over brown) and bronzing massage. Feeling sunkissed.

Zoomed back home to meet with the kitty vet. Leo will be having eyedrops. Poor Leo!

On to the mall for new undies at VS (love their hi-cut briefs) and choco-covered strawberry from Godiva ($4).

Picked up two boxes of paper for G at Office Max (sale--2 for $40; shop today!); required assistance loading them into my cart and then my car. Not my most glowing feminist moment.

Continued onto drug store for travel-sized whatnots. Observation: anything in miniature is cute. Even Scope.

Must continue packing, checking in with VC students, figuring out which book to bring. Maybe Libba's Rebel Angels (Delacorte, 2005).

KC tomorrrow!