Friday, August 05, 2005

Back To "Buffy"

It occured to me this week that since T is a wrap (at least until the copyediting), for a while, I can dive back into other creators' verses like the rabid fangirl I am. G and I decided to go through all our "Buffy" eps sequentially.

We just finished "Never Kill A Boy on the First Date." I woke up thinking about "The Witch," which preceeds it and highlights how trying out for cheerleading can be as dangerous on the Hellmouth as it is in Texas (also first ep featuring Amy). Definitely a fave, though it just occured to me to wonder why the Sunnydale High Razorbacks would be playing basketball so early in the school year.

The Buffy Episode Guide addresses this under "Goofs and Gaffes."

Comic O the Week: Aquaman #33

Comic O last Week: Wonder Woman #219 (and Diana was completely justified, regardless of whether Superman agrees, and by the way, it's really easy for him to judge now that she saved his sanity).

Spooky Link

Sexy Texas Cheerleader Plan Clears First Hurdle from ABCsport Online.