Saturday, August 20, 2005

To Whom It May Concern

Spent yesterday afternoon writing another VC rec for another WF Royal (which could potentially make five of us there next semester, depending), and then GLS and I went to Olive Garden for dinner. They now have whole wheat linguine with any pasta dish, which is just dishy.

Indulged in a "Buffy" marathon of sorts. "The Dark Age" is all about Giles' Ripper past and features a return of Ethan and a brief, but traumatic break in Giles/Jenny. It's interesting in the whole series that that was Giles' only real relationship, despite the "Band Candy" fling with Joyce and, later, whatever was going on with Olivia (clearly a wonderful actress, but no storylines were ever built around her).

"What's My Line," a two-parter, is Career Day (reminder that Buffy just wants a normal life), the intro of Kendra, the whole second/multi-slayer plotline that would climax at the series finale, and the Spike/Dru power reversal. Have I mentioned lately how much Dru freaks me out?

"Ted" and "Bad Eggs" are stand-alones. On the former, GLS is much critical of Whedonverse's sci fi efforts, but I find the bots intriguing (though perhaps overused). I also thought John Ritter was fabulous as "Ted" and so annoying with the "little lady" business that I really didn't care if Buffy had killed him as a human being (I know, bad Cyn). On the latter, I agree with the BuffyGuide that it's weird Willow and Xander's egg-raising mates never appear. Why even make it a team project, under the circumstances, except to emphasize the Buffy/Joyce single mother parallel?

Spooky News & Links

Ghost on the Stairs from The Clarity of Night blog. Its author is another gothic fantasy/law type.

Summer Weather and Cat Behavior from GLS on our weird kitty Blizzard Bently, named after, well, ya know.

Comic(s) O The Week (3-way tie): Ultimate Spider-Man Annual #1; Birds of Prey #85; Batgirl #67