Sunday, August 07, 2005

Spotted Black Lizards

Yesterday afternoon, my chat with Absynthe Muse was canceled and rescheduled (for September 10) due to tech problems with their chat room.

G took me out to dinner at Houston's (Chicago-style spinach dip with roasted chicken and black beans and brown rice; have no clue why serving tortilla chips with spinach dip would make it "Chicago-style"). Does anyone know if Houston's was first launched in the city of Houston or if it was named after the original owner (as in "Sam Houston")? The architecture and menu have something of a midwest feel (plus fish).

Anyway, later, we watched more "Buffy" episodes. We're up to "Out of Mind, Out of Sight." It's interesting that we never again see the federal recruitment program for the invisibles, though once Riley (yawn) hits the scene, we do realize that the feds aren't as in denial about monsters as most adults in Whedonverse.

By the by, have I mentioned the giant lizards in my back yard? They're either six inches or a foot long (I'm not good at proportional relationships)--black with spots and huge heads. I tried to sneak up on one for a better look, and rather than run away, it puffed up at me and its belly turned a bright blue! Perhaps it is related to the yellow-spotted lizards from LS's Holes!

Spooky News & Links

Any pals of SA out there? Or SA herself? I have a dim VC memory of her needing books for her school library, and I have books to send (but I need contact info; can't find e addy on LJ).