Friday, August 19, 2005

Sales, Celebrations, and Spookiness

Today, I'm off to lunch with KA and AB at Magnolia Cafe on Lake Austin Boulevard. Very exciting.

Yesterday was big fun, too! GLS and I celebrated his 38th b-day at Sullivan's in the Warehouse District.

I also was thrilled to learn yesterday that another 2005 WriteFest Royal's manuscript has sold to a major literary trade house. I'll give you the whole who's, what's, and when's later on. The details are not yet mine to share, but may I just say, "Wahoo, honeys!"

Kept watching "Buffy," season 2. Highlights of "Halloween" were the costume-fantasy element that sets up the Willow-Oz costume joke in a season 4 Halloween episode, "Fear Itself," and the introduction of Giles' "Ripper" past. Highlights of "Lie To Me" are Angel arguing that the wannabes don't even know how vamps dress--until one walks by wearing an outfit identical to his and Willow realizing what that song is really about. By the way, if you aren't clicking the links, rules.

Comic O Last Week: Supergirl #1