Friday, August 12, 2005

Who's Been Relaxing?

Relaxing? Imagine. Must be someone else.

After a couple of days of R&R and low-key socializing, I have the following musings.

1. Relaxing = good. Must indulge more often.

2. Embassy Suites in Overland Park has the advantage of the suite at a bargain, but the service is abysmal. I came down for my grati breakfast at 9:31 a.m. and was scolded--scolded!--that they cut it off at 9:30. Got my two eggs scrambled anyway. But does that say "good morning?"

3. On the upside, the room service spinach dip is pretty good.

4. I'm saddened by the death of Peter Jennings. He looked a bit like my dad, and when news was really bad, it was always his broadcast that I'd watch. He reassured me and never stooped to "fear TV" to drum up ratings.

5. Watched TV in bed. Fabulous. Two chick flicks at $12-ish each. "Monster In Law" is a less charming remake of "My Best Friend's Wedding" with Jane Fonda in the MIL role replacing Julia Roberts as best friend and J. Lo taking over from Camron Diaz as the bride. Along those same lines "The Wedding Date," is a less charming "Pretty Woman" remake. My analysis: Julia Roberts is underrated. It's much harder to pull off these girly fluff roles than people realize.

6. Ripped pg. 116 of "People Magazine" out on the flight. "Fab or Flab?" It's about the Dove campaign, featuring real, "everyday" women, size 6 to 12 (the average American woman is a size 14, according to the article) instead of emaciated supermodels. Apparently, on July 19, Chicago Sun-Times columnist Richard Roeper opined, "If I want to see plump girls baring too much skin, I'll go to Taste of Chicago, okay?" For context, I'd like to remind the world that a size 6-8 generally translates to small and 10-12 generally translates to medium. So, basically, we have a guy with a platform who's so out of whack that he's incapable of recognizing what healthy women's bodies are supposed to look like . (Not at all to say it's bad or unhealthy to be above a 12; that's just the sample relevant in his particular, um, analysis.). Apparently, he has already received more than 1,000 letters explaining to him that he's not only an idiot but that his attitude can have destructive consequences. However, I happen to know that spookycyn readers are well known and appreciated for their writing superpowers, and I'm pretty sure a few hundred more notes wouldn't hurt. My pasting ability is somewhat limited at the hotel computer lab, but I'm sure you can all Google the necessary contact information. Consider this my hint to the universe for today, and by the way, I've always considered the women of Chicago *quite* fetching.

7. Must run now. Am having high tea this afternoon at the Fairmont Hotel on the plaza with Grandma D and my cousin SC. Can't wait!