Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Emily Undaunted

Finished up my third VC packet yesterday (I'm going to let them all sit until I'm done and then re-read the letters to ensure I'm making some sense), waited an extra hour for my annual doctor's appointment (brought Teach Me by R. A. Nelson (Razorbill, 2005) to read in the waiting room), and then promptly went to Hyde Park with AB to chow down on a turkey burger.

Spent most of the night in bed and online, continuing to read Teach Me. I'm normally a super-speedy reader, but this one has been slowing down to look up the various ED references. I'm now even more vexed by the NBC coverage. So far (pg. 165), this is a very smart, very thoughtful literary trade novel with no trace of gratuitousness or sensationalism.

Clearly, this is another example of Fear News, which seems to be the trend. Why are parents so vulnerable to this kind of thing? Don't they remember being teenagers?

Starting on packet #4 today.